Waste Management

Kemakta experts help solve a range of waste management challenges, for example:

  • Risk assessment of landfills
    • design and review of leachate control programmes, programmes for leachate characterisation and water balances
    •  produce documentation for permit applications
  • Design programmes for waste leach tests and evaluate and interpret the data in terms of waste acceptance criteria
  • Develop practical waste classification methods to conform with legislation, e.g. for the branch organisation Avfall Sverige (Waste Sweden)
  • Evaluate different waste management options for industrial wastes
  • Interact with the authorities to secure the acceptance of the most effective waste management strategies
  • Health and safety assessment of mining wastes

We help private customers, branch organisations and international research projects (e.g. the EU projects ProMine (2009 -2013), EURARE (2013 – 2017), BioMore (2015 – 2017)).

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