Specialists in contaminated land and radioactive waste

Kemakta is a personnel-based environmental consulting company specializing in risk assessments and pollution solutions in our environment.


  • Radioactive waste disposal
  • Advanced modelling
  • Decommissioning of nuclear sites
  • Contaminated land
  • Water protection
  • Waste Management

Radioactive waste disposal

Analysis of post-closure safety for radioactive waste disposal comprises Kemakta’s largest commercial activity and we have been involved in all key safety assessments conducted by Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management (SKB). We also work with overseas nuclear waste management companies and apply our expertise to final repositories for other substances, such as mercury. Our projects cover the repository, geosphere and biosphere, thus we provide our customers with a high level of expertise together with a good understanding of the big picture. We offer a wide range of services relating to:

  • Input data for example for modelling and for describing the initial state of the repository
  • Modelling of physico-chemical processes
  • Biosphere analysis
  • Modelling of radionuclide transport
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Assessment and reporting of regulatory compliance



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Advanced modelling

Kemakta performs advanced modelling of physico-chemical processes, reactive transport of radionuclides and other contaminants, and hydrogeological processes. Our modelling studies are often developed and carried out in conjunction with safety assessment for waste disposal but can also address other environmental issues. We always aim to develop effective solutions that are transparent, well-founded and provide an in-depth understanding of the governing processes. Our modelling services focus on:

  • Reactive transport
  • Physical-chemical processes
  • Hydrogeology
  • Smart Kd


Examples of our work include the influence of electric fields on the transport of ionic substances and corrosion of steel in a deep geological repository, reactive transport modelling of alkaline plumes in a rock fracture network, sorption of radionuclides using site-specific and chemistry-dependent distribution coefficients (smart Kd), chemical/physical degradation of concrete barriers, chemical interactions between organic substances and concrete, and transport of chlorinated aliphatic substances from groundwater to indoor air.

Our skilled modellers use a range of tools, including Comsol Multiphysics, DarcyTools, PhreeqC, Phast, Visual Minteq, Crunchflow, Matlab and ToughReact.



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Decommissioning of nuclear sites

Kemakta investigates radiological risks that can arise following the clearance of materials and land from regulatory control, and provides supporting material for the clearance process. Our methodology is published in the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Management (SKB) Handbook for clearance during the dismantling and demolition of nuclear facilities (SKB R-16-13). We offer:

  • Scenario development
  • Data selection
  • Dose calculations
  • Conditional clearance levels
  • Supporting documentation for the clearance process



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Contaminated land

Kemakta has a long experience in the remediation of contaminated areas, including soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment.

Kemakta can help from start to finish with remediation projects, including site investigations, assessment of health and environmental risks and proposals for remediation measures. Kemakta can also act as environmental advisor during the procurement and implementation of construction work. Our knowledge of the environmental behavior of substances and their hazard to health and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems has given us the leading role in the development of guideline values for soils, wastes and other materials and in the development of risk assessment methodology. For example, Kemakta has been one of the leading consultants in the development of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s general target values for contaminated soil and in the development of guideline values for soils in the metropolitan area of the city of Stockholm.

A large number of our assignments are investigations within urban development projects where industrial land is to be transformed for housing. We have both municipal and private customers. Over the years, Kemakta has also been involved in several state-owned land and seawater projects funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency within the framework of the environmental objective of non-toxic environment.

By using Kemakta’s expertise, we aim to create tailor made and environmentally safe solutions for our customers. Kemakta offers specialized expertise for services in:

  • Environmental Sampling
  • Risk assessment
  • Site-specific guideline values
  • Investigation of remediation methods
  • Environmental Control



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Water protection

Kemakta’s work on water resource protection includes various forms of load calculations and assessment of recipient impact due to emissions of pollutants from industrial point sources, or leaching from contaminated areas.

We have worked with assessments of the environmental impacts of different discharges into lakes, streams and groundwater. These studies often form the basis for decisions about the need for remediation or other technical solutions in order to achieve environmental quality standards EQS) or other environmental quality values. Assessments of bioavailability and toxicity an important part of these assessments. Our work has given us a great deal of experience about the behavior and effects of a different types of substances in the aquatic environment.

Kemakta also works with more purely hydrogeological issues in various infrastructure projects, eg in the planning of the new subway in Stockholm and the city railway. In these projects, Kemakta’s expertise has been used in environmental assessments to ensure compliance with the Swedish regulations concerning the removal of groundwater as well as the development of documentation for the planning of construction work and management of environmental aspects in the construction projects.

Kemakta offers specialist competence for services in:

  • Dispersion calculations
  • Recipient impact and bioavailability
  • Remediation and water treatment solutions
  • License application and Environmental Impact Assessment



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Waste Management

Kemakta helps its customers with questions regarding waste classification, reuse of different types of waste, and landfill investigations.

The regulations for the classification, handling and disposal of waste are extensive and complex. Kemakta can help with the interpretation and application of the waste regulations. Kemakta’s assignments include assessments the classification of wastes as inert, non-hazardous or hazardous, and the choice of suitable test methods/leaching tests for classification. Kemakta’s customers are waste facilities, recyclers, mining companies and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. On behalf of the Swedish Waste Management Organisation, Kemakta has developed guidelines for the classification of excavation soils as hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

In our landfill investigations, we have assessed the extent and effects of potential leaching, developed control programs, developed programs for the characterization of leachate, studied water balances and prepared permit applications.

For mining waste, special disposal methods are required to avoid high metal emissions. We work for the Swedish mining industry and have also participated in international EU projects (EURARE and BioMore) focusing on highlighting the environmental impact of mining and developing sustainable production methods.

Kemakta offers services that include:

  • Classification of waste
  • Recycling
  • Risk assessments
  • Final cover of landfills



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