About us

Our current management (from left to right): Maria Lindgren, Gabriella Fanger (Managing Director) och Mark Elert (Deputy Managing Director).

Our current management (from left to right):
Maria Lindgren, Gabriella Fanger (Managing Director), and Mark Elert (Deputy Managing Director).

Kemakta is an independent, personnel-owned consulting company specialising in environmental risk assessment, waste disposal and nuclear technology. Kemakta has been performing analyses of the dispersion of contaminants in ground, air and water since 1975, with an initial and continuing focus on the disperson of radioactive substances from repositories for nuclear waste. Kemakta’s knowledge of environmental chemistry, hydrology and physical processes has also been applied to a wide range of environmental impact assessments, e.g. for mine tailings deposits, coal ash, industrial wastes, contaminated land, contaminated sediments and new industrial establishments.

Kemakta currently has a staff of about 20 chemical engineers, biologists, hydrogeologists and physicists.

Business Concept

Kemakta Konsult AB offers technical consultancy services based on a unique competence at a high level. We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients under commercial conditions. Our services are primarily provided to the Swedish market in the areas of Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Protection. The high level of competence is maintained by involvement in research and development projects both in Sweden and abroad.


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